👉 Bài Tập AEROBIC TỐT NHẤT 2020 – GIẢM CÂN DỄ DÀNG & HIỆU QUẢ ngay tại nhà | Inc Dance Fit
#IncDanceFit, #AerobicDance #GIẢMCÂNDỄDÀNG
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🏢 Tầng 2 Trung Tâm Văn Hóa – Thể Thao Phường Trung Hòa , 7 Tú Mỡ, Trung Hòa, Cầu Giấy, HN
☎️ 097.663.1369
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  1. Muy buenos videos, ya que se adaptan a la necesidad de cada persona. No solo en el tiempo, sino también en la resistencia que cada cual tiene. Esta fue mi segunda sesión de ejercicios. Muchas gracias, desde Argentina.

  2. Excelente yo los hago me encantan pero será mucho pedir que unos para esta panza y vientre tan necios,jijiji he bajado pero esas partes como que no quieren cooperar más por favor y muchísimas gracias por compartir

  3. When I first saw your training, I was optimistic and loved you, and when I started training with you at 2/10, my weight was 84 kg and I was very tired for the first time, but day after day I noticed the difference on my weight and it began to go down with a reduction in food to a half of the amount until today 10/20 I weighed 76 kg I am very happy because I trained I don't know your name standing in the middle I watched every video of you on YouTube and I thank you with all my heart and I hope my body becomes beautiful and graceful like you. Thank you very much for all your efforts❤🥰🙏😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍👍


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